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Spiral Classifier

Spiral Classifier

As the important part of beneficiation line, spiral classifiers are designed to provide the most effective pool area and overflow velocity requirements. According to the theory that the deposition rates are quite different because of different solid particles' specific gravity, the spiral classifier is not only able to clean the ground mineral ore, but also separate the particles briefly.

Features Of Spiral Classifier

  1. Energy saving
  2. Heavy duty, rugged construction
  3. Powerful self-contained spiral lifting device
  4. Continuous spiral raking

Application of Spiral Classifier

Spiral Classifiers are usually suitable for the following situations: --Separation of fine particles and liquid from coarse particles --Separation of light particles from heavy particles --Separation of the particles into a number of products graded according to size --Separation of liquid from solid particles

Technical Data of Spiral Classifier

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